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4th Annual Startup Jãthara™ 2023 on 21st & 22nd January

21 January 2023

Atal Incubation Centre - Sri Krishnadevaraya University is happy to celebrate and invite all to 4th Annual Startup Jãthara™ 2023 on 21st & 22nd January at Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. This Jãthara brings most excited events like startup awards, innovation awards, mentor recognitions, investors meet, founder – investor connects, mentoring sessions etc… with startup ecosystem global leaders, startups, innovators, academic institutions, industries, investors, etc. We are also delighted to share that this Startup Játhara™ also marks culmination of National Startup Week.

Please do visit Startup Jãthara™ website here: 

Játhara (జాతర) is a telugu word, meaning village fair. It is said that in ancient Indian kings sponsored and conducted village fairs with the village deity as the center. During Játhara festival, all the members and various communities of the village gather around the temple perform worships, open up their shops, traders bring variety of items from far off lands, artisan display their creative products, performers entertain the visitors, relatives and friends meet up with each other to share their joys and sorrows, and kids get the opportunity to receive gifts. Játhara is the culmination of happiness, hope and celebration.

Underneath all these hyper-activities, something extraordinary happens. There are new opportunities, many people get work, exchange of knowledge happens, everyone gets to meet their peers, fellow relatives and so on. The entire village gets benefited as the wheel of economy rolls forward because of Játhara. Finally, the priest offers the entire Játhara to the village deity with a sense of gratitude.
Much like traditional Játhara, our startup Játhara will have stalls where startups showcase their creations, innovations, students displaying their ideas, mentors giving guidance to their mentees, heads of various educational institutes creating new partnerships, corporates hooking up new innovators, investors hunting for new startups, farmers and FPOs scouting for new solutions, and public gathering to witness one of its kind Játhara. At the finale, this Játhara is offered to Bharat in making her Athmanirbhar!

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